• There are professional bodies representing the interests and maintaining standards of the majority of the people involved in the traditional aspects of insurance, risk management and business continuity.
  • In recent years we have seen an increase in “hybrid” professionals whose skills and activities fall outside the orbit of a single body. There has also been an increase in the numbers of individuals providing a range of insurance services to one or more clients which are removed from traditional “insurance broking”.
  • Logically, AIRMIC (Association of Insurance & Risk Managers) might be expected to embrace the “new” professionals but their Articles limit membership to those employed as insurance and risk managers by a single firm. This precludes membership of independent professionals and firms providing identical services on an outsourced basis. The exclusion of “third party suppliers” was intended to prevent applications from insurance brokers but fails to reflect developments in the delivery of professional services, especially in the SME sector.
  • “FIIRM” proposes itself as “an AIRMIC for the people” to provide safeguards, advice and general guidance to the SME sector and assistance and a voice for those providing insurance and risk management services to it.